Move In/Move Out Cleaning





  • Clean the shower, shower doors, tub, sink, toilet bowl, and all chrome bath fixtures. 

  • Mop the floors, clean the baseboards, woodwork and the medicine cabinet. 

  • Wipe out all drawers and inside of cabinets.



  • Clean all parts of the top of the stove including hood.

  • Clean outside of oven.  Inside cleaned upon request.

  • Clean outside of refrigerator.  Inside cleaned upon request.

  • Wipe out all kitchen drawers and cupboards.

  • Clean all counter tops.

  • Wipe down the outside of the cabinets.

  • Mop kitchen floor.


Throughout the rest of the house:

  • Cobweb removal

  • Dust blinds

  • Wipe off all windowsills

  • Clean any glass sliding doors, French doors or mirrors.**

  • Clean the woodwork, light switch plates, baseboards

  • Dust light fixtures and fans

  • Vacuum the inside of all closets and wipe down the shelves

  • Vacuum/mop all floors


** Please note, we do not wash windows.  We can do one here or there, such as the one over the kitchen sink, but otherwise a window cleaning company should be called.  

As with all of our services, modifications can be made to customize this service to meet your specific needs. 


Cost is $30 to $34 per hour, depending upon location of your home, with a 4 hour minimum. The amount of time needed for a cleaning is based on the type, size and condition of your home. 

Our Company

Woodland Housecleaning Referral Agency provides its clients with professional, quality housecleaning at an affordable price.  Unlike our corporate competitors, we are local and independently owned and strive to provide friendly, personal service that meets the specific cleaning needs of each and every individual client.

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